Friday, 16 February 2018

Your Room is Rent

Welcome to
that time when you
can't go home,
because home is not your home;
It is a house,
it is a room,
it belongs
to someone else.

Owned by another,
in the space they call home,
where your welcome
overstays the tension.

Your room is rent,
not a haven.
Your room is rent
judging your presence,
waiting for leverage

to kick you out.

  • 16/02/2018, Motueka/Ngatimoti

Monday, 1 January 2018

Walk Life to the End

To walk,
is to begin again,

I feel my life coming to an end.
I feel young,
but age has withered me away.

Bringing older,
Silvery tinged skin.

Was the frustration of family,
the only thing that anchored me?
With it gone,
sailing free has broken the dream.

I’d wish for a midlife crisis,
if I could afford the toys,
but the breakdown will have to suffice.
The loss of interest, question, wonder.
Sanity forsakes me.

Boredom relegates me
To less than the sum of my parts,

Roll out the carpet.

  • 01/01/2018, Ngatimoti

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Smoking Barrel

Life is fit for opportunity:
Take the seat on your own,
Order the cappuccino,
Order the chicken tenders,
Smile and make yourself presentable
Even though you didn't have a shower this morning.
"Do you take sugar?"
I looked at the bottle of water,
The glass just poured. "Yes."
She brought me sugar.
Love the moment,
Hate the feelings,
Walk off rejection.
Your hair looks good to someone,
No matter how messy it fell.
Friends may come,
Friends may go;
Friends are not the ones who leave you alone,
Freeze you out,
Forget how much a phone call means,
How easy a phone call is to make,
Place your heart on a stake.
They will fade,
Their influence diminish;
You will start anew,
A bird with greater wingspan.
Order another coffee,
Stay up late,
Make no apologies for the past you had to live through
- that is yours and yours alone.
Some will never know,
Some won't want to know,
Some will understand,
Some play the advantage of their hand.
Fly, roll, run, walk,
This has all been said before.
Words, how they matter not,
The intent is to release the soul
From its prison of thoughts.

  • 09/09/17, Motueka

Thursday, 7 September 2017

I want to stop, I want to keep going...

A part of me does just want to continue moving, though, because there’s not a lot of point standing still when standing still is uncomfortable.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Monday, 7 August 2017

Why keep chasing
        what doesn't chase back?
Why keep calling
        what doesn't call back?

If you do,
        your life will be lost to waiting.

Friday, 4 August 2017

You Have Moved On

You had moved on, dear friend
You had moved on.
Into another world, dear friend
One that left me behind.
Fourteen years ago, dear friend
We waved good bye.
Though no hands were involved
All was said with smiles and eyes.

You have moved on, dear friend
You have moved on.
Pictures on the wall, dear friend
Of years that are not mine.
Footsteps down the hall, dear friend
Go your straying eyes.
The most common thread runs
Now through those two homely lives.

You will move on, dear friend
You will move on.
Into another world, dear friend
One that leaves me behind.
Fourteen years ago, dear friend
We waved good bye.
Chasing was not your dream
Because chasing is a waste of time.

You have moved on, dear friend
You have moved on.
I returned for you, dear friend
To put the past behind.
But lost to years between, dear friend
The importance of desire.
The most common song sung
Now warms those two homely fires.

  • 04/08/17